“The country harmonies, deep groovin’ roots and greasy slide of Otto Mobile and The Moaners. Likened to The Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers taking a Exile on Main Street Stones bath, washed in Booker T. soap and rinsed with Allman’s slide. Be there ready to have the waves wash all over you.” – Lew Summer, KALX

“a guitarist of huge ability, with his command of the various roots genres contained within, such as country, delta blues and even R&B, giving more scope to his equally good songwriting.” – Mike Morrison, American Roots UK

Your Daily Lick: Otto Mobile and the Moaners
BAY AREA BANDS Kirsty Evans — Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 9:09 AM
The Lost Songs of Otto Mobile (Brave Scarecrow Records)
Supposedly inspired by a dream visit from singer Matt Lundquist’s great-great-grand-uncle Otto, this rollicking tribute to the old days is classic Americana. Boozy, twangy, and often rather funny — this is what country sounded like before it went pop, when it still had the blues.

matt lundquist acoustic guitar