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Past show archive
LoFi LoungeJan 20, 2024Indianapolis, IN7:00pm
Orbit Room Jan 17, 2024Bloomington, IN7:00pm
BlockhouseDec 8, 2023Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Morgenstern'sNov 26, 2023Bloomington, IN3:00pm
Orbit Room Nov 25, 2023Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Sycamore SaloonNov 17, 2023Nashville, IN8:00pm
Lakeview RestaurantNov 8, 2023Cambridge City, IN6:00pm
Butler WineryAug 20, 2023Bloomington, IN3:00pm
The Bomphray FarmJun 24, 2023Ann Arbor, MI5:00pm
Bill Monroe CampgroundJun 2, 2023Morgantown, IN7:30pm
Switchyard PavilionMay 20, 2023Bloomington, IN3:00pm
Brown County InnMay 6, 2023Nashville, IN8:00pm
Quaff On Pour HouseMay 1, 2023Nashville, IN6:00pm
Harmony Tree ResortApr 15, 2023Nashville, IN8:00pm
Orbit Room Apr 1, 2023Bloomington, IN7:00pm
BlockhouseMar 21, 2023Bloomington, IN8:00pm
BluebirdDec 30, 2022Bloomington, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseDec 17, 2022Bloomington, IN8:00pm
People's ParkAug 25, 2022Bloomington, IN5:00pm
Butler WineryAug 21, 2022Bloomington, IN2:00pm
Bryan Park Aug 7, 2022Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Port HoleJul 30, 2022Unionville, IN8:00pm
Bill Monroe CampgroundJul 29, 2022Morgantown, IN5:00pm
Brown County PlayhouseJul 16, 2022Nashville, IN8:00pm
Nashville HouseJul 10, 2022Nashville, IN1:00pm
Rainwater StudiosJul 8, 2022Nashville, IN 8:00pm
Orbit Room Jul 7, 2022Bloomington, IN7:00pm
SwitchyardJun 5, 2022Bloomington, IN6:00pm
Brown County InnMay 21, 2022Nashville, IN1:00pm
Orbit Room May 12, 2022Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Ferguson House Beer GardenApr 24, 2022Nashville, IN1:00pm
Orbit Room Apr 16, 2022Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Saturday's Child WFHBApr 9, 2022Bloomington, IN11:00am
Story InnApr 2, 2022Nashville, IN2:00pm
Brown County InnMar 26, 2022Nashville, IN8:00pm
Butler WineryMay 30, 2021Bloomington, IN3:00pm
People's ParkMay 20, 2021Bloomington, IN6:00pm
Mike's Dance BarnFeb 20, 2021Nashville, IN8:00pm
Oliver WineryJun 13, 2020Bloomington, IN4:00pm
Story InnMay 16, 2020Nashville, IN3:00pm
Brown County InnMay 8, 2020Nashville, IN9:00pm
Duke'sApr 30, 2020Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseApr 28, 2020Bloomington, IN9:00pm
SwitchyardApr 24, 2020Bloomington, IN8:00pm
The LodgeApr 4, 2020Manchester, MI 8:00pm
House ConcertApr 3, 2020Ann Arbor, MI 8:00pm
House ConcertApr 2, 2020Kalamazoo, MI8:00pm
Trailhead PizzeriaMar 28, 2020Bloomington, Indiana7:00pm
Brown County InnFeb 29, 2020Nashville, IN9:00pm
Local Live WFHBFeb 26, 2020Bloomington, IN9:30pm
Orbit Room Feb 6, 2020Bloomington, IN7:00pm
BlockhouseJan 28, 2020Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Crazy HorseJan 12, 2020Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Orbit Room Dec 19, 2019Bloomington, IN7:00pm
BlockhouseDec 10, 2019Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Mag BarNov 9, 2019Louisville, KY8:00pm
Orbit Room Oct 20, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Hood HollerOct 12, 2019Nashville, IN8:00pm
Duke'sOct 11, 2019Indianapolis, IN11:30am
Butler WineryOct 6, 2019Bloomington, IN2:00pm
Brown County InnSep 27, 2019Nashville, IN8:30pm
Upland Brewing CompanySep 21, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Dark Horse Brewing CompanySep 19, 2019Marshall, MI8:00pm
People's Brewing CompanySep 17, 2019Lafayette, IN6:00pm
Crazy HorseSep 15, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Port HoleSep 13, 2019Unionville, IN8:00pm
Camp PalawopecAug 31, 2019Nashville, IN8:00pm
Brown County InnAug 9, 2019Nashville, IN8:00pm
Upland Brewing CompanyJul 31, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
People's Brewing CompanyJul 30, 2019Lafayette, IN6:00pm
Port HoleJul 26, 2019Unionville, IN8:00pm
Bloomington Farmer's MarketJul 13, 2019Bloomington, Indiana11:00am
Twin SilosJul 12, 2019Greenfield, IN6:00pm
BlockhouseJul 9, 2019Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Crazy HorseJul 7, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Spring Creek TavernJun 22, 2019Hot Springs, NC8:00pm
Smiley's Acoustic CafeJun 21, 2019Greenville, SC10:00pm
Bonefire SmokehouseJun 20, 2019Abingdon, VA8:00pm
Duke'sJun 15, 2019Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseJun 4, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Crazy HorseMay 19, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
The Grill BarMay 10, 2019Franklin, IN8:00pm
Orbit Room May 3, 2019Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Square Cat VinylApr 13, 2019Indianapolis, IN6:00pm
Rambling HouseApr 6, 2019Columbus, OH9:00pm
Brown County InnApr 4, 2019Nashville, IN7:00pm
BlockhouseApr 2, 2019Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Orbit Room Mar 28, 2019Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Bernice's TavernMar 23, 2019Chicago, IL8:00pm
Bernice's TavernMar 22, 2019Chicago, IL8:00pm
People's Brewing CompanyMar 19, 2019Lafayette, IN6:00pm
Orbit Room Feb 23, 2019Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Crazy HorseJan 20, 2019Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Trailhead PizzeriaJan 5, 2019Bloomington, Indiana6:00pm
Orbit Room Dec 29, 2018Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Brown County InnDec 21, 2018Nashville, IN8:00pm
Zydeco'sDec 13, 2018Mooresville, IN7:30pm
Players PubNov 30, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Trailhead PizzeriaNov 28, 2018Bloomington, Indiana6:00pm
People's Brewing CompanyNov 20, 2018Lafayette, IN6:00pm
The Grill BarNov 17, 2018Franklin, IN7:00pm
BlockhouseOct 12, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseSep 20, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Port HoleSep 8, 2018Unionville, IN8:00pm
Players PubAug 1, 2018Bloomington, IN6:30pm
Upland Brewering CompanyJul 26, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Spring Creek TavernJul 21, 2018Hot Springs, NC8:00pm
Water N HoleJul 20, 2018Waynesville, NC10:00pm
Town Pump TavernJul 17, 2018Black Mountain, NC8:00pm
People's Brewing CompanyJul 10, 2018Lafayette, IN6:00pm
Brown County InnJul 6, 2018Nashville, IN8:00pm
Trailhead PizzeriaJun 29, 2018Bloomington, Indiana6:00pm
Terrapin CrossroadsJun 24, 2018San Rafael, CA8:00pm
Smiley'sJun 23, 2018Bolinas, CA8:00pm
Berryessa Brewing CoJun 22, 2018Winters, CA6:00pm
The Big EasyJun 21, 2018Petaluma, CA8:00pm
Wasser Brewing CompanyMay 11, 2018Greencastle, IN8:00pm
Trailhead PizzeriaMay 4, 2018Bloomington, Indiana6:00pm
BlockhouseMay 3, 2018Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Belgian Horse WineryApr 18, 2018Middletown, IN6:00pm
Crazy HorseApr 15, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Port HoleApr 7, 2018Unionville, IN7:00pm
Players PubMar 24, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Trailhead PizzeriaFeb 24, 2018Bloomington, Indiana6:00pm
BlockhouseFeb 15, 2018Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Crazy HorseJan 15, 2018Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Players PubJan 4, 2018Bloomington, IN6:00pm
Crazy HorseDec 10, 2017Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Brown County InnDec 9, 2017Nashville, IN8:30pm
Spring Creek TavernNov 4, 2017Hot Springs, NC8:00pm
Southern Appalachian BreweryNov 3, 2017Hendersonville, NC8:00pm
Acoustic CoffeehouseNov 1, 2017Johnson City, TN8:00pm
BishopOct 19, 2017Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Nashville Farmer's MarketSep 3, 2017Nashville, IN12:00pm
Prophets FestAug 26, 2017Richmond, IN3:00pm
The DreamAug 15, 2017Bloomington, IN 8:00pm
Players PubAug 2, 2017Bloomington, IN6:00pm
Crazy HorseJul 30, 2017Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Upland Brewing CompanyJul 6, 2017Bloomington, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseJun 22, 2017Bloomington, IN9:00pm
The HiFiMay 3, 2017Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
The DreamMar 9, 2017Bloomington, IN 9:00pm
Players PubFeb 2, 2017Bloomington, IN6:00pm
ValhallaDec 23, 2016Muncie, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseDec 3, 2016Bloomington, IN8:30pm
Salt Creek BreweryMar 4, 2016Bedford, IN7:30pm
Melody InnJan 31, 2016Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
BlockhouseJan 13, 2016Bloomington, IN9:00pm
SwitchyardDec 13, 2015Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Port HoleOct 24, 2015Unionville, IN8:00pm
Root CellarOct 8, 2015Bloomington, IN8:00pm
BishopSep 22, 2015Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Port HoleSep 6, 2015Unionville, IN7:00pm
Camp FramasaAug 15, 2015Nashville, IN8:00pm
Make-Out RoomJun 14, 2015San Francisco, CA7:00pm
Starry PloughApr 24, 2015Berkeley, CA9:00pm
Terrapin CrossroadsMar 29, 2015San Rafael, CA8:00pm
Milk BarMar 20, 2015San Francisco, CA8:00pm
AmnesiaFeb 19, 2015San Francisco, CA9:00pm
ViracochaJan 28, 2015San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Starry PloughNov 28, 2014Berkeley, CA8:00pm
Terrapin CrossroadsOct 19, 2014San Rafael, CA7:30pm
Players PubJul 7, 2014Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Swing StationJun 28, 2014Laporte, CO 9:00pm
Jamestown MercantileJun 27, 2014Jamestown, CO6:00pm
Starry PloughJun 14, 2014Berkeley, CA9:00pm
Pacific Coast Brewing Co.Jun 8, 2014Oakland, CA3:00pm
Mission MarketMay 29, 2014San Francisco, CA6:00pm
Upland Brewing CompanyMay 17, 2014Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Salt Creek BreweryMay 10, 2014Bedford, IN9:00pm
Starry PloughMar 28, 2014Berkeley, CA9:00pm
Acoustic TelegraphMar 8, 2014Oakland, CA8:00pm
Terrapin CrossroadsMar 2, 2014San Rafael, CA8:00pm
Smiley'sFeb 7, 2014Bolinas, CA8:30pm
KALX liveJan 11, 2014Berkeley, CA9:00pm
Shanachie PubNov 9, 2013Willits, CA8:00pm
Smiley'sNov 8, 2013Bolinas, CA8:30pm
Lost ChurchNov 5, 2013San Francisco, CA 8:00pm
Terrapin CrossroadsNov 3, 2013San Rafael, CA8:30pm
Starry PloughNov 1, 2013Berkeley, CA8:00pm
Berryessa Brewing CoOct 27, 2013Winters, CA3:00pm
Crepe PlaceOct 26, 2013Santa Cruz, CA8:00pm
Pacific Coast Brewing Co.Oct 25, 2013Oakland, CA8:00pm
Garage on BeckOct 20, 2013Salt Lake City, UT6:00pm
Dolores River BreweryOct 19, 2013Dolores, CO8:30pm
Derailed Pour HouseOct 18, 2013Durango, CO8:30pm
Swing StationOct 13, 2013Laporte, CO 3:00pm
Little Bear SaloonOct 9, 2013Evergreen, CO7:00pm
Americana Music AcademyOct 6, 2013Lawrence, KS7:00pm
Malle'sOct 4, 2013St. Louis, Missouri8:00pm
WGREOct 3, 2013Greencastle, IN10:00am
Upland's Indy Tasting RoomOct 2, 2013Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
Port HoleSep 27, 2013Unionville, IN8:00pm
Local Live WFHBSep 25, 2013Bloomington, IN9:30pm
Be Here NowSep 20, 2013Muncie, IN8:30pm
Upland Brewing CompanySep 17, 2013Bloomington, IN7:00pm
Max's PlaceSep 14, 2013Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Upland's Indy Tasting RoomAug 23, 2013Indianapolis, IN8:15pm
Camp FramasaAug 17, 2013Nashville, IN8:00pm
GETBENTAug 10, 20138:00pm
Barehands BreweryJul 3, 2013Granger, IN8:00pm
SwitchyardJun 30, 2013Bloomington, IN7:00pm
615 DesignJun 29, 2013Nashville, TN8:15pm
Southern Appalachian BreweryJun 28, 2013Hendersonville, NC8:00pm
Awendaw GreenJun 26, 2013Awendaw, South Carolina9:00pm
Tattooed MooseJun 25, 2013Charleston, SC9:00pm
Players PubJun 21, 2013Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Local Live WFHBJun 19, 2013Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Starry PloughJun 15, 2013Berkeley, CA8:00pm
Smiley'sMay 31, 2013Bolinas, CA9:00pm
Mission Farmer's MarketMay 23, 2013San Francisco, CA6:00pm
El RioMay 11, 2013San Francisco, CA6:30pm
Simple PleasuresMay 6, 2013San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Acoustic TelegraphApr 26, 2013Oakland, CA8:00pm
Awaken CafeApr 12, 2013Oakland, CA9:00pm
TupeloMar 25, 2013San Francisco , CA8:00pm
Terrapin CrossroadsFeb 15, 2013San Rafael, CA8:00pm
AmnesiaJan 24, 2013San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Simple PleasuresJan 16, 2013San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Max's PlaceDec 15, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Crow's NestNov 30, 2012Cincinatti, OH9:00pm
BishopNov 13, 2012Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Local Live WFHBOct 24, 2012Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Pacific Coast Brewing Co.Sep 28, 2012Oakland, CA8:00pm
Smiley'sSep 22, 2012Bolinas, CA8:00pm
Fort Mason CenterSep 21, 2012San Francisco, CA5:00pm
The BishopSep 2, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
ZanzabarSep 1, 2012Louisville, KY8:00pm
White Rabbit CabaretAug 30, 2012Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
Local Live WFHBAug 29, 2012Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Prophets FestAug 25, 2012Richmond, IN6:00pm
Max's PlaceAug 23, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Southern Appalachian BreweryAug 11, 2012Hendersonville, NC8:00pm
Westville PubAug 9, 2012Asheville, NC9:00pm
BluebirdJul 21, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Muddy BootsJul 19, 2012Nashville, IN8:00pm
Upland's Indy Tasting RoomJul 18, 2012Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
Max's PlaceJul 7, 2012Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Red Lion Grog HouseJun 30, 2012Indianapolis, IN8:00pm
Port HoleJun 29, 2012Unionville, IN8:00pm
Buchanan Band ShellJun 24, 2012Buchanan, MI1:00pm
Acoustic CoffeehouseJun 21, 2012Johnson City, TN10:00pm
Barn Jam @ Awendaw GreenJun 20, 2012Awendaw, South Carolina8:00pm
Tattooed MooseJun 19, 2012Charleston, SC8:00pm
Upland Brewering CompanyJun 6, 2012Bloomington, IN7:00pm
John Hartford Memorial Fest @ Bean BlossomJun 1, 2012Bean Blossom, IN4:00pm
Local Live WFHBMay 30, 2012Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Joey G'sMay 19, 2012Madison, IN8:00pm
Slim'sMay 18, 2012San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Connecticut YankeeMay 12, 2012San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Off The Grid @ McCoppinMay 12, 2012San Francisco, CA12:00pm
Acoustic TelegraphMay 11, 2012Oakland, CA7:00pm
Bricks N MortarApr 17, 2012San Francisco, CA9:00pm
Smiley'sApr 14, 2012Bolinas, CA8:00pm
VitusApr 12, 2012Oakland, CA9:00pm
Joey G'sMar 3, 2012Madison, IN8:00pm
Players PubMar 2, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
SwitchyardFeb 26, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Port HoleFeb 25, 2012Unionville, IN8:00pm
Lynagh's Irish PubFeb 18, 2012Lexington, KY10:00pm
Crow's NestFeb 17, 2012Cincinatti, OH8:00pm
Max's PlaceFeb 16, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Doc's Music HallFeb 10, 2012Muncie, IN8:00pm
Gennett MansionFeb 9, 2012Richmond, IN8:00pm
Russian RecordingFeb 8, 2012Bloomington, IN9:30pm
Hair HoleJan 28, 2012Columbia, MO8:00pm
Lawrence House PartyJan 27, 2012Lawrence, KS8:00pm
Family Visions CenterJan 26, 2012St. Louis, Missouri8:00pm
Players PubJan 9, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Max's PlaceJan 7, 2012Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Players PubDec 1, 2011Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Max's PlaceOct 27, 2011Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Max's PlaceOct 22, 2011Bloomington, IN9:00pm
Upland Brewing CompanyOct 1, 2011Bloomington, IN4:00pm
Max's PlaceSep 17, 2011Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Prophets FestAug 27, 2011Richmond, IN1:00pm
Gennett MansionAug 7, 2011Richmond, IN3:00pm
Town TavernAug 6, 2011New Castle, IN8:00pm
Be Here NowAug 5, 2011Muncie, IN8:00pm
SwitchyardJul 24, 2011Bloomington, IN8:00pm
Stork ClubJul 6, 2011Oakland, CA9:00pm
Simple PleasuresJun 29, 2011San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Sophia's Jun 18, 2011Davis, CA8:00pm
El RioApr 26, 2011San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Simple PleasuresApr 14, 2011San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Hayward BistroMar 12, 2011Hayward, CA8:00pm
Simple PleasuresMar 9, 2011San Francisco, CA7:00pm
Max's PlaceAug 27, 2010Bloomington, IN8:00pm
SF Street Food FestivalAug 21, 2010SF, CA1:00pm
Fort Mason CenterAug 20, 2010San Francisco, CA7:30pm
Mission Farmer's MarketAug 19, 2010San Francisco, CA4:00pm
KaleidescopeAug 7, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Divisadero Farmers MarketJul 18, 2010San Francisco, CA10:00am
Simple PleasuresJul 14, 2010San Francisco, CA7:00pm
Make-Out RoomJun 27, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Big Alabama Crawfish BoilJun 26, 2010San Francisco, California8:00pm
Hayward BistroJun 4, 2010Hayward, CA5:00pm
Smiley'sApr 2, 2010Bolinas, CA8:00pm
Blue Six RoomApr 1, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Revolution CafeMar 27, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Mama Buzz CafeMar 10, 2010Oakland, CA7:00pm
Simple PleasuresMar 3, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Hotel UtahFeb 16, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Cafe InternationalFeb 13, 2010San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Hayward BistroFeb 10, 2010Hayward, CA8:00pm
Freight & SalvageJan 7, 2010Berkeley, CA8:00pm
Velo RougeDec 4, 2009San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Pacific Coast Brewing Co.Oct 24, 2009Oakland, CA8:00pm
Simple PleasuresOct 21, 2009San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Gallery ChinioseOct 9, 2009Oakland, CA8:00pm
Grant and GreenJul 15, 2009San Francisco, CA8:00pm
Jerry Garcia AmphitheatreMay 24, 2009San Francisco, CA12:00pm