Jan 15 2017

Aquarian Jams for Winter blues

posted by Matthew Lundquist






Had such a blast throwing down with this band at the Gram Parsons Revival

So I taught these aliens a couple sets of Otto tunes

And now I feel like Apollo driving the Sun Chariot

Amy Dunn is the wild artist conjuring up these posters

Jan 7 2017

Lundquist brothers wailin and strummin a D chord

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Nov 19 2016

Riding with the Ghost

posted by Matthew Lundquist


Mar 2 2016

In Quarry Country

posted by Matthew Lundquist


Jan 23 2016

Big City Blues

posted by Matthew Lundquist




Southern Indiana’s Melody Inn Takeover

Songs and Voices that invite the rolling hills and starry skies to sing along

Small Town Bands pile in a couple Vans and seek Big City Adventures

Melodies that celebrate the simple life

Smoked over all night campfires

Jan 3 2016

Rad Show Alert

posted by Matthew Lundquist


Dec 30 2015

2015 was pretty cool

posted by Matthew Lundquist