Jun 12 2018

North Bay Romp

posted by Matthew Lundquist

Gonna be a dreamy weekend here in California June

West Coast Moaners:

Drums by Anna Elva

Bass by Connor O’Sullivan

Organ by Alex Jordan

Piano by Kirby Hammel

Songs and guitars by Matt Lundquist

Poster by Eva Edgren

Jun 11 2018

Return to Mendo

posted by Matthew Lundquist


So ready to Hickey Fest this weekend.

Pedal Steelin with the Scarecrowes

Swimmin in the Eel River

Campfire Jukebox

May 21 2018

Big Sur Dreams

posted by Matthew Lundquist


Had a wild awesome time down at Hipnic in Big Sur

Sittin in with Midnight North on pedal steel

Watchin some all time favorites and

Campin on the river

May 6 2018

Otto rides to Greencastle

posted by Matthew Lundquist


Our friend Susan with Spiral Productions

is putting on some great shows @ Wasser Brewing.

Looking forward to bringing the Moaners for a Friday night Getdown.

Fritzman on the drums

Brother Devin on the Upright

Matt ‘Lazer Fingers’ Romy on the keys

Apr 27 2018

Otter Bros with the Freeway Revival

posted by Matthew Lundquist

Apr 3 2018

Moanin at the Port Hole Inn

posted by Matthew Lundquist

Headin to Lake Lemon this Saturday Apr 7 for some Port Hole shindiggin.

Got a handful of new tunes born of some winter blues

and ready to burst into spring.


Mar 13 2018

The Joy of the Otter in Spring

posted by Matthew Lundquist



Otter Brothers is our new band of Bloomingtonian Beard Rockers

Matt Lundquist – guitar / vox

TV Mike – guitar / vox

Ryan Deasy – Bass / vox

Tim Baker – Drums / vox

Matt Romy – Keys / vox